“My most favorite aspect of working here is in relation to the places I get to visit. Every home is different, being outdoors, seeing the amazing views across the different counties, and although what we do is relatively the same, it is also very different with new challenges that make for a quick and eventful day.

I have learned a lot about the different types of hardscapes and the required installation techniques, in addition to the amazing possibilities when it comes to landscape design and install.

B. H. Graning Landscapes has plenty of opportunity for advancement for those willing to put in the time and capable of learning new skills. It’s a local company for me so that makes the commute to the office great. I was looking for a local company that allowed me the opportunity to expand, use my existing skills and somewhere I could be involved in helping others produce the best results possible.

After hiring some of the crew members for key positions within the Construction Department, I wanted to make a point allowing those that showed promise and drive, the opportunity to move up through the ranks. As the company has been growing each year, new positions are generated, and we have promoted from within whenever possible.”

~ Lewis Bowyer


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