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At B. H. Graning Landscapes, Inc., we offer a wide range of professional landscaping services to residents and bessuines owners of Asheville North Carolina and the surrounding areas. Our landscaping packages can include a variety of professional landscape services from landscape design installation and maintenance services to snow removal during the winter storms. We provide written estimates after an onsite evaluation of your landscaping needs.

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Landscape Design Services in Asheville

The landscape design and build team here at B. H. Graning Landscapes provides our customers with spectacular landscapes for their businesses or homes.

Our design process is one that uses all your concepts to ensure that the final design fits within your parameters. Once we’ve devised ideas with you, our friendly staff will create a detailed landscape plan that allows you to accurately visualize what your property is going to look like once the finalized design has been built.

The landscape design staff at B. H. Graning Landscapes has also received LEED accreditation, which means that we can create landscapes that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Some of the landscaping features that we can implement in our designs include water features, irrigation systems, drainage, retaining walls, perennial gardens, restorations, stonework, brickwork, and pavers. The species of plants that we use with our landscaping services include ones that are native to our mountains.

Landscape Construction Services

Once we’ve provided you with a design for your new landscape, all of the necessary construction of the landscape is handled in-house as opposed to using subcontractors, which allows us to guarantee a certain level of quality that can otherwise be difficult to guarantee.

Our landscape construction services are available for all project sizes, which extend to both residential and commercial projects. We are fully licensed and insured, which should give you some confidence when selecting our landscaping services.

It’s also important to understand that the construction services available to you don’t simply include ones involving the installation of new features and systems or the provision of a new design. Our construction department here at B. H. Graning Landscapes can help you make a small enhancement to your existing landscape or renovate a portion of the landscape to fit in with the rest of your yard. In general, these landscape construction services are designed to account for your every need so that you can be wholly satisfied with the results of your landscaping project.

Landscape Maintenance

There’s no point in having a beautiful landscape if you don’t properly maintain the landscape. It’s essential that you protect your investment so that your outdoor spaces continue to look their best, and so that the money you spent on your landscape isn’t wasted!

If you want to keep your landscape in prime condition, you’ll need to maintain it on a regular basis. Our landscape maintenance services here at B.H. Graning Landscapes are comprehensive to ensure that every facet of your landscape can be well-maintained. For instance, our mowing services are available for both residential and commercial customers and are performed with modern equipment.

We can also install flower-bed plantings on a seasonal basis to make sure that your garden and landscape are always looking their best. Some of the additional landscape maintenance services available to you include pruning, weed control, fertilizing, and mulching. These services can be selected whenever needed or on a seasonal basis. Our main goal when providing landscape maintenance services is to make sure that your yard looks as good as it did when it was first designed.

Additional Landscaping Services for You to Consider

While the core services of our landscaping company mainly involve landscape design, construction, and maintenance, we also offer a range of additional landscaping services for you to consider. These services are meant to round out are offerings so as to ensure that every landscaping need you have is answered and provided for.

During the winter season and holidays, make sure that you contact our Maintenance Department to have snow removal services added to your Annual Maintenance Contract. Our team is experienced and well-trained for such situations and can handle even the toughest conditions brought about by winter storms. When larger winter storms move through the area, the seasonal drivers that we hire are ready to clear the roads at a moment’s notice.

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