Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

“I have been using Ben since he started his business over 14 years now. Outstanding young man, great company. I have had his company do complete landscape maintenance, maintain my dock even repaired a 75-foot seawall section washed out by a hurricane a few years back. There is nothing his company can’t tackle. His staff is always friendly and will do anything special you might ask of them when they are on site. I highly recommend his company.” ~ Scott Tyler

“We had a drainage problem in our back yard that my husband and I had no idea how to correct! When the landscaper came, he came up with a solution in a short period of time. When the scheduled work was done, the solution worked perfectly, and we were extremely happy with the work! I would highly recommend this company!” ~Beth Fountain Brown

“I have 3 young children and a stream near my second home in Western NC. The employees working our property came to me and told me that they had seen poisonous snakes in the area and advised me to be careful. We live in a city where we don’t have snake sightings all that often. I wasn’t prepared. Upon returning to my house about 3 hours later these gentlemen had taken it upon themselves to find and kill both a rattlesnake and a copperhead in and around my rocks and stream. This was service above and beyond and I am extremely grateful.” ~ Emilie Baker Robinson

“We have been with Ben Graning almost since his beginning. He is always receptive to any needs and concerns and we can count on his crews.” ~ Anna McFadden

“We are very pleased with the work Wilfredo and crew did yesterday. They were prompt, efficient, and personable. This is the second landscaping job Graning has done for us, and we’re happy with both. Thank you for being a company that does so well managing each job as if it’s the only one you have (Ira). Both your landscape work and your customer service are impressive. Should we have other landscape jobs in the future, we will definitely call B. H. Graning Landscapes.” ~Ron Yount

“In October of last year, I contracted BHG Landscapes to clear the weeds from the meadow below my house and then to hydroseed it with wildflower and grass seeds.  Clearing the meadow was a very difficult task due to the wildly sloping terrain and briar bushes combined with a large area.  This spring and summer I am definitely reaping the rewards of their work as are the honey bees and birds.  Each morning I take my coffee onto my porch and look out over waves of grass and colorful flowers.  Every few weeks something different and beautiful appears.  In addition, I now only mow paths through the flowers rather than the whole meadow.  Since most of the flowers are perennials, I expect the display to be better in future years.  Thank you.” ~Stevi Stephens

“Consistent, professional, quality service! I have used B. H. Graning for several years now to maintain my lawn and landscaping. They have consistently, reliably done great work! When I have had a minor issue, they were professional, kind, and understanding and they immediately addressed the issue! Highly recommended!” ~ Greg Stewart

“They hit the job hard and it looks so much different now. I liked that Miguel checked in each day to make sure that things were happening as I expected. Nice job!!! Congrats to all involved.” ~Deborah Harris

“I was extremely pleased with the work done by Wilfredo and his helper. He impressed me with his warm friendly personality and work ethic. He didn’t let an equipment failure stop him and was determined to do a good job to my satisfaction. If I need your services again, please send him to lead the job.”  ~Andy Thomas

“Thank you. The crew did an awesome job on our driveway. He also noticed the beginning of some shifting pavers on the opposite side of the driveway and fixed those while they were here. Excellent service! Thank you very much!” ~Jeannine Sowers

“We are from Florida, there is a BIG difference in the grass up here and back home. It took a little time for me to understand how grass mattes up is done. Now that I do I see that these guys are doing a GREAT job on my yard!!!!! THANKS GUYS!!!!!👍😎👍😎” ~Don Greenlee

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank B. H. Graning for the outstanding work that they have done for us over the years.  We have used them for landscape maintenance and also excavation and construction services.  We have been clients for many years and have always been very impressed by their professionalism and the quality of their work in all areas.  They make every attempt to do the job right the first time and have always stood behind their work.” ~Rob Cochran

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