Step One: Employment

The very first step in being eligible to win our photography contest is to be employed at either B. H. Graning Landscape Supply, Inc., B. H. Graning Landscapes, Inc. or B. H. Graning Contracting, Inc. If you are not employed by one of these companies and are interested in our current employment opportunities, please apply online now at

Step Two: Photograph Jobsites

While you are on break or cleaning up for the day, take a second to take photographs of the jobsites and your progression on that project.

Step Three: Submit Photographs

To enter to win, please submit those jobsite photographs at least once a month online though our website. You can manually find it underneath BHG News in our website menu or click on the links below.

Calendar Pictures:

EOY Slideshow Pictures:

Step Four: Vote Online

At the end of each month, the entries will be posted to the BHG News blog and shared on Facebook for anyone to vote. Participates are encouraged to share and tag friends to gain more votes.

Step Five: Winners Announcement

Every year during the B. H. Graning Employee Christmas Party, winners of the employee calendar contest are announced. There are 12 winners, one for each month. A cash prize of $100 is then awarded to the winner of each month. You must be present to collect your prize.

Fingers Crossed: We wish you luck.

Thank you for your interest in our employee calendar contest. I wish you well with your photography endeavors and may you win one of Benjamin’s Benjamins during our next Christmas Party.

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