Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

What Can Retaining Walls Do for Your Landscape?

Retaining walls are a common feature of commercial and residential landscaping. These are structures whose purpose is to hold back the materials behind them thus preventing them from falling or getting eroded by running water. The wall should be strong enough to withstand the forces of the mass behind it.

Types of retaining walls

There are several types of retaining walls depending on how they function and the materials used to construct them. When classified according to materials used, the most popular are boulder, natural cut stone, timber, concrete block, and gabion and corten steel retaining walls. Below are types of retaining walls according to functionality.

Pavers, stones, bricks, and concrete can all be used to construct retaining walls in Western NC.  The cross-section shape depends on factors such as the desired appearance, stability, and the available space.

Uses of retaining walls

The main purpose of retaining walls is stabilizing a slope and holding back earth from moving downslope. By reducing erosion, the walls prevent damage to the surrounding structures — thus reducing repair and maintenance costs.

Besides that, retaining walls have aesthetic purposes. When designed and constructed by landscaping experts, retaining walls can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Landscaping using retaining walls is one of the strategies house flippers use to increase the value of a home. Finally, retaining walls are used in the construction of patios.

Whatever type of retaining walls you may need, for whatever reason, be sure to have them installed by an expert with many years in the landscaping business! Contact us today for a quote.

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